A Bird's Eye View

After my 'Perspective' post on Monday, I received an email from Robin - she's a reader, a client, and a friend. When I read her email, I immediately thought that you might like to hear her perspective on MY perspective, so I asked her if I could share it here. She said yes, and so, without further ado, here's Robin:

'Debi, I really loved your blog post the other day. As a 'non-traditional retailer', it really struck a nerve with me.

Your blog was great because many consumers do not realize just how much time, effort, money, planning, packing, unpacking, moving heavy boxes happened before they arrived. No matter how much I try to plan in advance for a show, for some reason the week before I have tons of ideas and am lucky to get five hours of sleep a night. I know you can relate to this! (oh yeah , I can!)

This also brings up yet another point: Some consumers feel that if you are at a show, you should be willing to sell your items at a discount. I decided long ago that I would not discount my items. First, it would not be fair to my loyal clients who always pay full price and secondly, it would not be fair to myself. I politely tell the shopper that each item takes up to five days to make and it cannot be sold for less. I have found that usually they will still buy and then feel that the item has even more value. You cannot control what the customer will say, but you can control how you react to the questions and always maintain your own standards.

So sorry for the soapbox!!! Once again another great blog. Thank you so much. -Robin'

Robin, that's a fabulous soapbox you are standing on! Keep it up!
To find Robin's absolutely gorgeous products, visit her blog at http://robinkingdesigns.blogspot.com.


  1. Just found your blog through Women take Wing...love it! And what an awesome background. Just added you to my list of creative nw ladies on my blog. I'm sure I'll be back to visit again! :0) ~ Blessings, Katy

  2. My retail hat is off to all non traditional retailers and traditional retailers. We all work very, VERY hard. Katy is right we can't control what the consumer says...and we all have stories of stupid things they have opened their mouths and shared. I think the real issue here is everyone wants to believe they work just as hard as the next gale, if not harder. I shared Debi's view on "perspective" with my little retail community and found some others with interesting perspectives.

    Retailer "A"- felt it's easy to be in her shop when an event is happening, geared up, pumped up with all the hard work of the past weeks paying off and the her shop full of people. (much like a show for non traditional retailers) her quote was; "it's easy to be in retail when it's busy, how about when you have months of slow?...that makes a retailer."

    Retailer "B" "I think of show retailers as part time and not as committed because they don't have the overhead of a store, staff, the monthly bills, the snow removal etc." "I guess I need to think differently about that the next time I go to a show?"

    My daughter(15)-"does it matter?? your all nuts...you hardly make any real money and you all do it because it makes you happy"

    All I could say was... "yup I Love It!"

    the next time a customer says "oh, you must have so much fun doing this" wouldn't you like to say and I work VERY hard! But you know we will all smile in our booths or shops and say...yes I do.

    Debi, thanks for provoking interesting discussions that result in looking at things from new perspectives.

  3. I mean *Robin is right...sorry.