On With the Show...

This is JoMarie, of Rose Marie Gallery, sewing goddess and maker of bed & table linens, and the cutest skirts for big & little girls that you've ever seen! Pompoms, fringe, ruffles, banding and more adorn the edges of her twirly skirts, and then there are the ones made with a handkerchief hem from vintage linens. She told me that at the recent flower & garden show, she had a run on them like nothing she's ever experienced. LOL. She ain't seen Farm Chicks - yet!!! Yes, JoMarie will be a vendor this year at Farm Chicks Antique Show, so make sure you look for her.

This is one PACKED booth! We've been chatting and JoMarie is planning 'a really awesome' booth setup for Farm Chicks - she finally told me about it when I saw her at the Lynden Antique Show yesterday. (Which in itself is funny, because JoMarie has a space across from us in Faded Elegance - but I never see her there. I see her everywhere else!) After hearing the details, I am waiting with baited breath for her booth reveal in June. It's going to be an incredible expression of her brand, I tell ya!

This is Deborah (Debi), of Ormolulu, who also has a space across from us at Faded Elegance, and who was also at the Lynden Antique Show! We have been buying stuff from Debi for years at several 'flea market' -type shows, and I am always impressed with her booth setups at shows. Take a peek:

(There was so much more in her booth, but it was always too full of people to photograph!) Debi really knows how to combine large items and then work in the details to catch the eyes of shoppers in her show spaces. From Scale to Lighting to Composition, all telling a fabulous story in every vignette, she works it to within an inch of its life! Love it. Debi will be at the Farm Chicks Antique Show, too, and I have every reason to expect that her booth will be gorgeous! (Though it will inevitably be so full of people, I won't get to photograph it then, either...)

Retreat has been invited to participate in the local Funky Junk Sisters Antique & Flea Market Show in June, just a week after we return from Farm Chicks. They are currently featuring us on their blog in their vendor spotlight. I have been asked to present a seminar to the participating vendors before the show starts, and am excited to be able to share information & inspiration with this dynamic group of independent merchants. It will be all about maximizing visual impact of their products in their booths.

Perfect timing for this subject, because I'll be able to get some fantastic shots of the traffic-stopping booth setups at Farm Chicks, and then share the secrets of good design with the gals in Puyallup. And perfect for me, because my heart is really with these women (and men!) who are in this segment of the retail industry. We connect on so many levels, and I am thrilled to be moving into speaking engagements at Antique shows.

We'll be videotaping that seminar, as well, so I'll be offering it as a resource to all of you eventually! More info on this as it gets closer - do check out the Funky Junk Sisters web site for more on the show.

BTW, watch my blog for another announcement on Tuesday! Something great to share with you!

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