Displays Done Right in Black & White

Take the basic merchandising principles used in those 1920's displays (shown in my previous post, below) and utilize them today, and what do you get?

White House Black Market. Perfection.
Trendy. Stylish. Glamorous. Elegant.

Fashions may change, but some things - like display excellence - NEVER go out of style.

I can't even count how many times I've heard comments about how small independent merchants have nothing in common with and/or nothing to learn from the Big Box stores. Wrong.

Go to the mall. Get online. Open a catalogue or a magazine. Look at how 'the big guys' are displaying products. They pay big bucks to designers and stylists to make those products appeal to their market demographic.... and you don't have to pay a THING to learn from them.

Look at the basics: Color, Scale, Composition, Spacing, Lighting, Contrast, Signage. This is 3-D art, easy to decipher. If it works for Macys or WHBM or Anthro, it will work for you.

Just one thing: Copy the FORMULA, not the display. (As in, use odd numbers of items, use a hot trendy color on the rear wall, make funky props to catch attention, etc. ) Imitation is not flattery. It's laziness. You're all originals - BE original!
Photo Credits: White House, Black Market.

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  1. Anonymous12:00 AM

    This is FANTASTIC advice! I have always thought, the more we listen--the more we are connected with our community--the more we know.