You Can Have A 'Designer' Look

Store Design is the equivalent of having a fashion expert give you advice! The process of having a professional redesign your existing business environment can redefine your brand image, update your look, and make you relevant to the lives your customer is leading. And that makes them want to shop in your store and purchase your merchandise.

My Retail Design Services can help you go from this:



Want results like that? Email me. I'll swoop in like Stacy & Clinton from TLC's 'What Not To Wear' and get you in style in no time. Yes, even without coming to your store! You'll be thrilled with the results, and even happier with my reasonable fees. And your customers? They'll be raving fans.

(I do not, however, give you a five thousand dollar credit card like Stacy & Clinton do. Sorry!)

Photo Credits: All property of DWK, courtesy of Columbia Winery, subsidiary of Constellation Wines/ICON Estates and Assencia Estates. Any other use expressly prohibited.

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my take on retail visual design:

"The thing is, retail design is driven by psychology. It is by manipulating space, visuals, lighting, sound, smell, and mood that we influence customers to enter, stay, browse, buy, and return. It is an endless exercise in change, endurance, growth, education, and imagination that enables retailers to stay on top of their game and at the forefront of their customer's minds. Yes, what you sell IS important - but even the very best merchandise won't sell at full price if it's presented in torn boxes on dirty shelves in a store that is too crowded to turn around in. Visual impact is a huge part of business, and utilizing the principles that have been proven to work can help you build a better business." ~ DWK