Perk Up!

When I talk about brand image, I tell you to 'tell your story' through the use of coordinated visual presentation. I've gone so far as to say don't be kitschy or cute. However, in some cases, that is exactly what you should do. Case in point: This espresso stand near Seattle.
There is a sea of thousands of shed-like boxes sitting roadside in our state, all espresso stands advertising 'the best mocha' or '$2.00 lattes everyday' or even bikini-clad baristas (don't get me started as to what story THAT is telling....).

This one certainly stands out from the crowd, don't you think? The coffee pot shape, art-deco style and retro vibe (not to mention bright neon lights at 5 AM) are impossible to ignore. There is no doubt as to their product, or that they tend to details in their business. I've never seen this place without a huge lineup of cars in the drive thru - it's busy all day long, even though it is not located in a high-traffic area.

I can't think of a more perfect example of how having an engaging visual presence & personality is of benefit to your business... or of how sometimes, whimsy and kitsch are just the thing your business needs for a little perk up!

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my take on retail visual design:

"The thing is, retail design is driven by psychology. It is by manipulating space, visuals, lighting, sound, smell, and mood that we influence customers to enter, stay, browse, buy, and return. It is an endless exercise in change, endurance, growth, education, and imagination that enables retailers to stay on top of their game and at the forefront of their customer's minds. Yes, what you sell IS important - but even the very best merchandise won't sell at full price if it's presented in torn boxes on dirty shelves in a store that is too crowded to turn around in. Visual impact is a huge part of business, and utilizing the principles that have been proven to work can help you build a better business." ~ DWK