'Epic Fail'

My blog is having issues. Publishing issues. Frustrating issues. I'm trying to figure out what the deal is, where the actual problem lies - with my interenet explorer or with blogger - and I need your feedback!

Can you leave me a comment or send me an email at debi.wardkennedy@gmail.com and tell me if YOU can see the background on my blog page? The image is a black & white graphic print of furniture, so if what you see is all white, you can't see it. It's not showing up for me.

Another issue is that as soon as I click into my blog, internet explorer tells me it can't open the web page and shuts it down. And not just on this blog - it's affecting all 3 of them. If you have any tips for me on how to deal with this, send 'em in!

sigh. And I thought I had made friends with my computer.....

***Thank you so much for the feedback!
It appears to be a Blogger issue. They've received thousands of complaints from users and are supposedly trying to identify the source and fix it. In a related story, apparently millions of users in China can't access Blogger, either. hmmmmmmnnnnnn.... I guess we'll just hang in here and wait for the fix. ***

Hmmmmmn, nope. No fix in sight. SO, I've switched to Mozilla Firefox as my browser. WOW! What an improvement! I highly recommend it.....


  1. Hi Deb,

    I can see your background just fine.


  2. I can see it, too. Your blog looks fine with Mozilla browser.

    I'll take a look under IE, too.

    BTW, we just updated to the latest IE and it sucks worse than the last version. LOL. It locks up all the time.

    Anyway, be right back.

  3. Your blog looks good with IE, too. However, the little word verification picture didn't show up.

    It was a red-x box so I couldn't leave a comment under IE.

    Blogger and Google do NOT play nice with IE. For instance, Google Reader ALWAYS locks up using the IE browser.

    It's very frustrating since so many people use IE. Firefox/Mozilla is free to download, but IE comes with the computer ... easier.

    Anyway. Try cleaning out your cookies and temporary internet files.