ReDesign Redux

In another post, I shared this photo 
as part of Phase Three of the Retail ReDesign Project at Poppyseeds. 

Not two days after that room was restyled, 
two people fell in love with the table and chairs - within five minutes of each other! 
After being in the store for a year, it sold. LOVE that! 
That's what effective displays can do!

Of course, the sale of large pieces of merchandise is wrought with its own challenges - 
getting it OUT of there, and then the gaping space that is left.  
When the shop owners asked me 'So now what do we put there?', 
I was able to expand on one reason why using the 'Zone' concept works:  repetition.

I told them to get another white or red table and chairs set and put them there. 
The room is set up as a retro kitchen, with cabinets, a vintage stove, 
a china hutch, and another vintage kitchen dinette set. 
It makes sense to stick with the theme and the color scheme 
that we have chosen to focus on for the summer tourist season in this room.

Following this guideline, 
they know that tables and chairs painted in red, white, or aqua will fit in here - 
when one set sells, bring the next one in. 
Each one will be unique, because the furnishings they sell are vintage and recycled items, 
so the look stays coordinated while the product is always fresh. 
Even a patio table and chairs in white metal would be appropriate. 

It's a way of simplifying choices, focusing their marketing message for the season, 
and saving the store staff time and effort.

The girls already had a few items in stock, awaiting a paint job, 
so they created a new white table and some red and blue chairs, and brought them into the room.

Now, it looks like this:
Small products and more detail were added after this photo was taken...

Can you see how this continues the same story with a new twist?
They can just keep doing this in this room - and all of the others, 
according to the color scheme and design theme - all summer long. 
Then, for fall, we'll come up with some new themes and restyle the rooms again.

You can do this in your stores, as well, by using the Zone concept for developing themes and displays. 
Need help? Give me a shout!

If you are in the Seattle area and like what you see here, check out Poppyseeds in Stanwood. 
Just 60 miles North of Seattle and 24 miles North of Everett, 
the shop is a great place to visit on a sunny weekend!
(Camano Island is a nearby five-minute drive over a bridge, too)

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