Deb's Design & Display Stars: Rose~Marie Designs

Back in April, JoMarie Richman emailed me to ask if I could create a new logo for her business, Rose~Marie Designs. She provided me with her old logo image and a few guidelines - basically, this was an 'update' of her logo, not a total makeover. Within a few days, I sent her four various versions of the idea shown above. That one was her final choice. JoMarie then had it made into hang tags, embroidered labels for her product line, and a large sign for her show booth. She can utilize the same logo for many purposes, and change it up by adding soft color to the black & white line drawing - as she did below. Below is a shot of her new sign hanging in her booth at the Farm Chicks show. Not only does the new logo on the sign look great, but by hanging it inside a white garden gate trellis, JoMarie has brought her logo to life - that gate & trellis are in the logo design itself. This simple idea makes her logo bigger, bolder, and more prominent in her booth. Very smart move to build brand awareness!

Surrounding the trellis you can see a selection of the incredible hand-sewn apparel and home decor accessories that JoMarie produces. Vintage and vintage-inspired fabrics combine with her own original designs, making each item a special treat...including the parasols.
A great shot of a smart businesswoman in her marvelous show booth. This was JoMarie's first year as a vendor at Farm Chicks, and she prepared a showstopping space filled with stunning product. She did her homework on what the show was like and how other vendors set up, and worked hard to raise her visual presentation to a level she hadn't attempted before. She succeeded, wildly! And no surprise, she was a huge hit at the show and now has a roster of devoted new fans & customers.

For more about JoMarie and her business Rose~Marie Designs, please visit her website: www.rosemariegallery.com. You can also find her beautiful products in her space at Faded Elegance, in Snohomish.


  1. That space is the best I've ever seen, and the merchandise looks amazing.

  2. I'm proud to say JoMarie is a friend of mine, and is every bit as adorable and charming as her products are. She's got more style in her pinkie than most people ever dreamed of. Hurrah~ you've got a real eye for design, and so does JoMarie.