Deb's Display & Design Stars: Coleen's Reflections

I discovered yet another stunning display of products at Farm Chicks, created by Coleen Sohn of Coleen's Reflections. Her finely crafted and intimately detailed works of art are fabric faeries and flowers, each one a unique original and all inhabiting a spirit of whimsy. Her booth held dozens of incredible settings that presented her products beautifully.

Coleen has created an entire world for her faeries to inhabit... in her booth, there are forests and dens and nooks and crannies that hide and reveal the sweet artwork that pours from her soul. Customers wander winding paths to discover hidden treasures, which may seem impossible in a 10 X 10 space, but the placement of fixtures helps to create this effect. Tall in back, mid-height in the center, and low in front, they create levels of interest without blocking the views or making customers feel crowded. That is important for her sales process, because in this imaginative world that Coleen has created, it is completely normal to see a middle age woman kneeling to peer into the tiny face of a miniature being! Room to bend, kneel, and linger is part of Coleen's design plan.

How would this translate to a store? Creating a 'boutique' area for specific product lines is a way to differentiate your store from others... it's an 'above & beyond' way to present merchandise and entice your customers.
The details that surround her artwork transport us to another place... giant mossy mushrooms and twig screens create a wooded backdrop, draped burlap and velvet remind us of the forest floor, and wood boxes & tables repeat the outdoors theme. A perfect place for a faery to dwell... and for customers to get lost in the journey.

If you can transport your customers to another time and place through your visual presentation, you can suspend the demands of their day and encourage them to spend more time in your store or booth. This increases your chances of selling to them!
Proof of the journey: suitcases. Used as risers and props, they also hold extra products at hand - easy for restocking. Important at a busy show AND in your store. Make it simple for staff to keep your displays clean & stocked.Even the lighting serves to highlight the small details... a nite light bulb tucked into a wood crate perfectly illuminates this fabric faery blossom, using shadow and light to accentuate it. Colleen has left no opportunity for detail go unnoticed, and the result is a 10 X 10 space that feels much larger, expresses her brand image, and holds a very large amount of merchandise. She has created a specialty boutique feel in the midst of a huge event hall.... simply brilliant.Coleen and her hubby are just the most genuine, kind people... we met them at last year's show, and really enjoyed visiting with them at the 'AfterParty' at Chaps Restaurant in Spokane this year. They have been involved in the show circuit for many years, and they completely inspire us! We can all learn from each other, which is why I am sharing these Design & Display Stars with you. For more about Coleen and her artwork, please visit her blog!

Photo Credits: all booth & product shots DWK by permission of Coleen Sohn; last photo courtesy of Kim from Mimi Charmante blog.

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