Five Star Design

Designer and HGTV show (Rate My Space) host Angelo Surmelis has designed a new line of affordable furniture. Not only is it great style, but it's available at Costco! The classic transitional shapes, friendly patterns and vibrant color combinations all speak to easy living and comfort - as well as reasonable price points. I love to see this kind of common sense used by designers and manufacturers alike. Go Here to ShelterPop to read more.

I love this promo shot because it shows the wide range of furnishings and fabrics available. Good move. But I love it mostly because the wonky angles and haphazard positioning of pieces conveys the energy and playfulness that are hallmarks of Angelo's style - it's a statement of brand image, even though there is no signage or designer name anywhere in it. His smiling face and trademark jaunty straw hat are all he needs to stand out. It's perfect. Angelo has a blog, too!

(And if I were rating the furnishings in that space, it would get five stars*****)
Photo Credit: ShelterPop

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