Flea With Me!

I asked fans on my Facebook Page to tell me what kinds of subjects they'd like to see me discuss here on my blog... and several cited Decorating. Happy to oblige!

Check out the brand new blog for soon-to-be-released Flea Market Style magazine. The blog just launched, the mag is on its way. Headed by Ki Nassauer (formerly of JunkMarket and now of Junk Bonanza & Junk Revolution) and Matthew Mead (formerly of Country Home magazine and author), this new publication will provide a plethora of tips, tricks, and inspiration for using secondhand items and bonafide JUNK to create stunning decor. The very talented staff is a virtual who's who of decor & blogging pros with a penchant for vintage style. I'm meeting my friend Heather Bullard, contributing editor, this weekend in Portland. I can't wait to hear more about what she's working on for upcoming issues!

You can see why I am on the bandwagon here, right? I've been preachin' this gospel to retailers for years now, and decorating myown home this way all my life. And it's ever so hip: When it comes to display & merchandising, as well as home decor, this is a whole new way to Go Green!

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  1. I love going with re-purposed stuff in the retail. I'm not allowed at home. The Big Guy only likes new things :)