myOWs (no, I don't need a bandage!)

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Today I received a hot tip in an email from my friend Randy (thanks, Ran!) about a new web tool on the horizon. 'myOWs' is a web service for helping creatives to protect the copyright on their original works.

'myOWs' is an acronym for 'my Original Works', and the site was set to launch in August of this year. Developing a new concept often takes longer than expected, and the service rollout is still  on the drawing board. However, it's set to be the next big thing for creative artists of many mediums, and I'm on board to support it wholeheartedly!

I've added the site link to my right sidebar, along with other tools to help you with copyright and online content theft issues. I'll pass along news about the launch as soon as I hear something.

Check out this Interview with Max Guedy, founder of this incredible concept, on Frisk Design's site to learn more about myOWs and how it can help YOU protect your creative property.... and thanks, Max, for sending me this COOOOL 3-D image of your logo! (He said I could be the first one to share it!!!)

Craig Ferguson read this post and sent a comment in, along with a link to his interview with Max. Thanks,  Craig! The more we all spread the word, the more we people we can help Max help!


  1. Thanks for this info. I am now following them on Twitter to know when the program is ready to roll.

  2. Myows looks to be a great service. I have an interview from a few months ago on my site as well.


    (Hope you don't mind the link. Sorry if you do).

  3. Nope, Craig, I don't mind it at all! Thanks for letting me know - I've added it to my post above.

    I love it when readers leave comments and relevant links to help share more info on a subject! Spam and Ad links? Notsomuch! ;0)

  4. Here is a link to the YouTube clip of the basics of the program. A little walk through.

  5. Lori, your link was to my post.... I think this is the one you meant to include: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5P--nIm8snY&feature=youtube_gdata

    And thank you for sharing!!!