I'd like to introduce you to someone:

Oh, no, it's not really about Julia or Vivienne at all. It's about the fact that she's an incredibly happy, satisfied, loyal customer. One that is so happy, she'll spread the word about her experience with your products, service, and helpful staff to influential people. And to the competition...

Famous Last Words:
"Hi. I was in your shop the other day, remember me? 
You refused to help me. 
Big Mistake. H.U.G.E. "

(and if you have no clue what this is about, rent the movie 'Pretty Woman' and watch for the 'Shopping on Rodeo Drive' segment. LOTS of helpful retail info in there.)

The lesson? Treat every customer as an important customer, because they ARE. My friend & blog reader 'Bacchus' says it this way: "Treat every customer like they can spend a million, you never know which ones will."

Image Credits: Touchstone Pictures on IMDB, via Google image search


  1. I LOVE this part of the movie. It has always been my rule in retail. I have seen this happen so many times from coworkers and as a customer. It's sad when people throw away good business.

  2. Oh so VERRRRY true! I just passed out an article to some of our management about how to handle customers. They are our most valuable asset......NOT the enemy :)