Location, Location, Location

Retail is products & merchandise. Service, and experience. And sometimes, it's all about the setting. No brick & mortar store can compete with an outdoor location for a retail shopping event, or the way that nature provides the perfect light, colors, scents, textures, and props. Without any coaxing at all, she brings a glorious life to everything in proximity.

The photos shown above are of the effects of a natural location {the remarkable orchards, barn, & grounds of the Dana-Powers House in Nipomo, California} on our Retreat booth at the recent Remnants of the Past Antique show in California. Can you even imagine a more beautiful setting? I certainly can't, and I'd wager to say that the editor and photographers of Country Living magazine can't, either - they stayed all day and photographed everything and everyone for an upcoming story. This was the perfect show in every way, and I am so happy we were invited to participate.

Every one of the fifty vendors presented their glorious wares with such style and flair, you just have to see some of them:

Inspiring, yes? There are hundreds of great display ideas in these photos. Even if your store isn't located in the midst of a lemon orchard, you can utilize touches of nature each season to really bring your products to life. 

Today we were invited to return to Nipomo for the Fall show in October, and we are thrilled to be able to be a part of this remarkable experience once again. Now all I can think about is how absolutely glorious that setting will be in a riot of fall color!

{images: mine; of Retreat, The Tattered House, Blue Canoe, Pammy J Designs}

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  1. wasn't that a fun weekend???? thanks for sharing your great photo of my jewelry here - you are a delight and I look forward to seeing you again and again! BTW, you will just DIE when you see Carol's amazing pumpkins at the RofP Oct. show! See you at Farm Chicks....