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In the retail field, we are always searching for resources and ideas to amp up our visual merchandising knowledge and practices. The combination of inspiration with how-to information is invaluable to a busy and cost-conscious retailer. My most popular seminars & articles over the years have been of the 'How to Create Innovative Displays Inexpensively' variety, with as many ideas as I can fit into the time or space allotted. Trade shows and merchant associations have requested my '100 Fast, Cheap, and Easy Display Ideas' seminar topic more than any other subject.

It is my pleasure to share a new retail display resource with you:
My friend and fellow visual merchandiser & public speaker Linda Cahan has written a new book: "100 Displays Under $100" . Linda has gathered inspiration and information from many sources, and combined them to present a soup-to-nuts compilation of great ideas and the help you need to create them yourself.

This full color book is filled with photos of fun, creative, interesting and inspiring displays from designers all over the world. Included in the book is a list of must-have tools for your display toolbox, some excellent vendors, and a short section on the basics needed to make the magic happen. Each display featured is under $100 and most will work for a huge variety of merchandise and types of retailers. 

This is written in a recipe book format: There is a brief introduction and then a "Need" and "Sequence" section explaining exactly what you need to pull each display together and then, how to go about doing it.

This is a great resource for your store, or as a gift for a friend with a store. If you want to learn more about display and visual merchandising, you'll learn a lot just by going through this book.

"100 Displays Under $100" is available online in a PDF format for $25.00.
It is also available in a soft-cover, spiral bound paper format for $39.95 + $5 shipping (within in the USA, extra for overseas.) 
Either can be purchased via PayPal or US checks.

Combine it with Linda's DVD "Visual Merchandising 101: The Basics of
Excellent Presentation" and you have a good beginning course in display and VM! ($59.95 + mailing - overseas extra.)

Order through: lindacahan@verizon.net
Visit Linda's Web Site: www.LindaCahan.com  

{image credit: Linda Cahan 2010; All Rights Reserved}
{Linda provided me with the details about her book,
and the content of this post. I don't have a copy yet!}

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