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Today I received an email from Karen at Gingko Press, 
asking me to help them promote a new book release. 
More on that coming soon!

As I searched through their web site, I found a large selection of books that they have published that I consider valuable resources for the design of retail spaces. From fashion to food and brand image, these compilations of work by designers from around the world is sure to inspire and educate you.

Each title below links to the book's information page 
on the Gingko Press web site.

Super Identity
In Your Sight & In Your Mind
First impressions count. As that first perception is the most important one in real life, in the competitive world of commerce it has the potential to make or break a brand. Be it the visual identity for fashion branding or traffic signals, service industry manifestations or restaurants and food boutiques, Super Identity – In Your Sight and In Your Mind, unveils the ever changing, cutting edge of this visual language. 

A brilliant collection of simple, novel and out-of-the ordinary packs and displays, this book illustrates perfectly how to showcase a product to its best advantage.

Visual Greetings from Business Cards and Self Promotion
Artists and studios featured range in their specialist fields from direction and design of moving image projects to product packaging, typography, event promotion, interior design, fashion, music photography, illustration, graphics, film, exhibitions and interior and product design.

Design for Kids
There is a visual universe that children immediately recognize. Enter a bookshop with your children, and you can be sure they will quickly be drawn to the department aimed at their own age. Growing Graphics – Design for Kids opens a window to this visual universe of children at different ages, presenting a multitude of graphics aimed at them: Logos and characters, corporate identity, packaging, labels, catalogs, brochures, posters, invitation cards, books, educational material, web and multimedia design, exhibitions, signage etc.

Design Taste
Graphics & Interiors for Bars & Restaurants
In a frenetically paced, time poor world 'dining out' has become a frequent activity and accordingly, patrons of restaurants, hotels, coffee lounges, clubs and bars have become more discerning. To succeed, each requires its own particular brand of ambiance and an image with which its guests can readily identify, from the soft and subtle to the bold and daring. Design Taste is a brilliant collection of identity designs covering everything from external signs and entrances to logos, menu cards, tableware, uniforms and interior design, and how to visually create a unique experience for the patron.

Stay tuned for information on their latest release here...

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