Get Smart!

For many years, I've provided content, tips, articles, and QandA columns for Country Business Magazine -
both in print and online. Working with Editor Susan Wagner has always been a pleasure, and knowing that the information I share has reached retailers who are working hard to succeed is even better. The CBM readership is a dedicated group of professionals!

Susan recently contacted me to let me know about some upcoming changes to CBM... BIG changes:

They are undergoing a massive 'makeover' (and you KNOW how I love those!), making the magazine, web site, and blog even better for their growing readership. Country Business Magazine will now be Smart Retailer, with the magazine, web site, and blog geared to a wider range of the retail gift industry - not just country style boutiques.

With a tagline like 'Helping Your Gift Business Succeed', you know the goal is providing information and resources that retailers can use to build better businesses... hey, wait a minute... that's MY tagline! Since I've always done the same with my blog, facebook page, speaking, and writing, I can really get behind this. Beginning in January, I'll be providing new content for the Smart Retailer blog. Thank you, Susan, for inviting me to be a part of your new direction!

The new website goes live on December 1, so click over there and check them out!
You can also keep up with their news on facebook

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