iPhone? nah....iPin

  Yeah, I've been hit by the Pinterest bug!

I've been busy this morning creating a new board, 
pinning my own images of displays I have designed & created 
along with some really fabulous images discovered on other pinboards.

I'll keep adding to it as I find more
('cause you KNOW how addictive Pinterest IS!)

You can find my board here:

And I'll suggest that you also check out Cathye Bordwell's here:

(some of the images I pinned were found on her board) 

and Patty from Sisters Antiques has one here:

Shop Displays 

Smart Retailer Magazine has one, too!

 Display Inspiration

Pinterest is a really great new resource for visual inspiration...
you just have to be rather determined NOT to waste hours of time there!

Do you know of other inspiring retail display boards on Pinterest?
Share links in a comment!

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