A Case for Creative Display

A few years back, I presented a seminar to the vendors at a local Vintage show.
[ for those of you who don't know, a Vintage show is the new kind of 'Antique' show
where items can be made from vintage components or inspired BY vintage styles,
as well as being actual vintage & antique goods.]

My seminar was all about maximizing the visual impact that your booth has at a show.
Thing IS, before I ever took the stage to speak, I was impressed with what I saw!

It's commonplace for vendors in these shows to play with props, sets, 
and generally use some very theatrical methods to display their wares. 
I shared many of the tips & tricks I've used as a retail stylist
to help them get the most out of their efforts.

A great example is shown in the photos above...
This jewelry designer displays her beautiful pieces, 
made from various old components, in some creatively staged vignettes
The props of vintage suitcases, picture frames, books, mirrors,
textiles, and paper goods set off the lines and colors of her work to great advantage. 
The color of her backdrop and interesting props catch your eye as you walk past the booth, and draw you closer - so that the details of the intricate jewelry can be appreciated.

There's a Bonus to her merchandising method:
It shows that by using your jewelry as a decorative item in your own home, 
you're getting double duty out of your purchase!

I've created several posts about vintage booth displays - 
you can find them over in my RIGHT SIDEBAR >>>>

I've made my presentation outline available as a Google document: 
Please do not replicate, copy,  extract from, or otherwise use my original content.
It is copyrighted.

I apologize, but I no longer have the artisan's name... 
if you know it, please leave it in the comments here 
and I will gladly add it with a link to her site!

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