Deb In Print: Entrepreneur Magazine online

I was recently interviewed by writer Jane Porter 
for an article in Entrepreneur Magazine 

'Five Retail Design Myths Debunked'  
also includes input from other retail design experts - and it's great advice!
The article released today on the website - 

Included in Jane's article is Sarah Parker
owner of 'Wild Fibers' yarn shop in Mount Vernon, Washington.

I met dynamic young business owner Sarah at the Yarn Market News Conference in 2010, 
when I presented a seminar on retail store design and visual merchandising. 
Sarah hired me to help her with some details in her store...
and the girl did EVERYTHING I had suggested in my seminar
and my consultation with her. EVERYTHING!
I am really happy that Jane asked me for an example 
of how retailers can smash design myths successfully, 
and that Sarah received this 'nod' in print for all her hard work.

Read about what we did in Sarah's store in these posts in my blog archives.

Thanks for reading!

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