Thank You, FOLKs...

As of July 31, 2012 I am no longer a staff member of FOLK Magazine.
It's time to move on, to other opportunities and projects - 
but I do want to thank everyone who made the experience worthwhile.

First and foremost, I want to say
thank you to 'the FOLKs' - the remarkable staff of FOLK Magazine,
for the adventure of working together over the past year. 

You are a group of talented, professional, creative, energetic and fun-loving people, and I have learned so much from so many of you. I enjoyed meeting Ben, Heath, Hillary, Gina, Tosha, James, and especially Amy, Andrew, and David at the FOLKbarn event in Springfield, Ohio in May of this year. Someday I just HAVE to meet Donna and Anne! I wish I had met Michael, Linda, Sandy, Jeremy, Gavin, Becky, and Jen, as well. It has been a pleasure to cross paths with and work with you all! [The song 'We Are Young' will remind me of all of you forever....] Thank you to former staff member Kimberly Taylor, who put me in touch with Ben way back in August of last year and started all of this.

Thank you to the 'behind the scenes' support staff, those intrepid individuals who advise, proof and copyedit all of the content that they possibly can for each issue of FOLK. You live in the shadows of production, but nothing would work without your experienced input! Sue, this means YOU.

Thank you to FOLK Editor In Chief Ben Ashby, for giving me the opportunity to be part of bringing your dream to life. I am very honored to have contributed to it through my regular column, freelance features & editorials, managing the FOLKbarn, and the tasks 'behind-the-scenes' of the business that I was able to take on.

Thank you to all of the wonderful 'followers', 'fans', readers, customers, and supporters of FOLK who have expressed their enjoyment of the content I have provided in all six of the first year's issues. It has been such a time of growth for me, taking on this challenge to write for a lifestyle publication - your comments and feedback have been so gratefully accepted. You have helped me to be a better writer!

Thank you to the amazing artisans who had booths in the FOLKbarn in Springfield. I am truly grateful for your hard work and professionalism, and am so pleased to have met you all. Your work, your spirit, and your creativity inspires me! Bravo!

I am moving on to other things, but will always have great fondness for all that I have learned and experienced as a part of this fledgling project. My best to FOLK as it moves forward... 

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