The Art of Display

My most popular published article ever,
'The Art of Display',

is available for reading online at Smartretailer magazine...
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Visual Merchandising is an ART - and a science.

“The image is the most complete form of communicating,”
Artist Claes Oldenburg, describing art as a technique of communication.

His words are also an apt description of the practice of retail display:
Visual images convey information, mood and ideas to the customer,
compelling them to purchase what you offer. 

For new store owners and seasoned veterans alike, 
visual merchandising is a vital component of retailing -
one that must be planned and updated continuously to obtain the best results. 

You don’t need to be a professional artist to understand how art works, 
as harnessing the power of art to communicate creatively with customers 
begins with the basics.
To understand the basic principles of how art relates to visual merchandising, 
think about how product displays are viewed by a customer 
just as they view art in a museum.

Read this article in its entirety on the SMARTretailer website HERE.

This content is mine, and originally appeared in Country Business Magazine in 2005,
and on their website in 2006. They re-branded as SMARTretailer in 2008.


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