Goodbye, HollyWOOOOOD Montrose....

Today, I honor a purely fictional and yet highly representational character...
the actor who brought him to life has passed away, 
and I can think only of this way of sharing a nod to his talent, and his genius.

In the film MANNEQUIN,
the brilliant actor Meschach Taylor birthed 'Hollywood Montrose' -
a flamboyant and dramatic window dressing 'artiste'
who worked at Prince and Company department store, the setting of the film.
His over-the-top portrayal of a personality that many of us have encountered
was hilarious, touching, and entertaining
to say the very least.

I've always loved that film for shining a spotlight on the creative people behind store displays,
even though it's a cheesy 80's flick with very dated costuming and music.
I shared a 'virtual review' of the Prince and Company store in this post.

Godspeed, mister Taylor.... and HollyWOOOOOOD.

More about the film here.

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