Something Wicked This Way Comes...

You want Halloween display inspiration?
You've got it, from the best in the biz: the visual team at Roger's Gardens,
a nursery and home decor mecca located in a pretty ritzy part of So Cal.

For years, the visual wizards at Rogers have been giving their creativity full reign
and conjuring delightful, scary, imaginative and inspiring worlds
that showcase the products for sale for Halloween
(Halloween is the second-biggest sales season, 
surpassed only by Christmas. didja' know that?)
The visual team works for months designing and crafting fixtures, props, backdrops, and 'gags'
that will set off the merchandise and create an unforgettable shopping experience for customers.

This year, the theme is a circus sideshow,
with the ominous moniker 
'Something Wicked This Way Comes'
click the 'read more' link to see more fantastical details!!!

I was there on the day the boutique (Boo-tique?) opened,
along with a few HUNDRED other customers... rabid fans, really.
It's always a 'bone'-fide showstopper, ( see what I did there? )
and people can't wait to see what the creative geniuses have come up with THIS year.
And yes, most of those customers/fans BUY the products.

Some of the props are even for sale, and those are sold first thing - 
but there's a caveat to that: the sold props STAY in the displays.
The purchaser can't take them home until a later date (Oct 1, I think...)
As a visual stylist, I LOVE this practice
because it preserves the integrity of the displays and the boutique as a whole -
so that everyone who comes to see it gets the same wonderful experience.
Not just the first ten in the door, who shop like locusts descending :) 

Roger's Gardens created a video sneak peek of the wonderment of the boutique:

(and yes, that creepy music is what plays throughout the entire space, 
enhancing the theme and the experience!)

Rogers' also posted copious photos of their VM team's magic
 to scare the pants off of retail stores who DON'T go big!
Visuals by Roger's Gardens VM Team. Photos in this blog post by Deb Kennedy | images.

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