New Year, New Look!

May the New Year bring you sparkling new creative ideas and success!

Here's a quick bit of inspiration for a January-into-February display:
This wood china cabinet has been given a shot of color by using
one roll of pink and gold gift wrap
( available right now at Marshalls for $2.99! )

On one side of the case, the gift wrap was placed inside a large frame
which was then placed behind the glass shelves.
A few books with pink covers are stacked up to use as risers
that perfectly display sparkling crystal glassware with gold rims and some pink depression glass.

On the other side, a long strip of the gift wrap was simply taped to the back,
and flows down onto the bottom shelf.
White china with gold trim is stacked on the shelves
with a gold-framed tiny mirror and magazine with a pink cover adding contrast.

Debby and I created this display at Laura's House Resale Store in San Juan Capistrano, CA
and it took us a grand total of half an hour - 
which includes cleaning the newly-donated china and glassware!

Creating a fresh look and a new display doesn't have to take a lot of prep...
just let your creative muse outta' the box, grab what's on hand, and see it in a new way.
That helps your customers to do the same thing! ;)


Did you notice that things look a lil' different around here?!
Click 'read more' on the left to continue...

I've become enamoured of all things sparkly and rose-gold, 
and my creative muse led me to totally redesign all of my web graphics...
this new, streamlined and HAPPY look really reflects where my heart is at right now.

Have you heard of this OneWord 'Word of the Year' thing?
I've been doing that for a long time... 
in 2015, my word was 'Peace' and oh did I need peace.
It was a very hard year - my fourth in a row - 
and we lost my Dad after a fierce, fast battle with cancer.

For 2016, I am ready to embrace life again...
and my 'One Word' is
Yep. Simply JOY - to find joy, to be filled with joy, 
to let joy captivate me, to live and breathe and speak and be joy, 
to shed the sadness and grief that has wrapped me up for four years now 
and just look at life through some rose-gold colored glasses and 'see the joy, be the joy'.

I've even started a social media project with friends to share the joy -
it's called  #JOYride2016 and I'd love for you to join us!
It's easy - just use that hashtag on your social media
when you post uplifting, encouraging, JOYFUL things!
(click here for more info)
Thank you all for your visits, your comments, your likes, and your support...
Happy New Year, everyone!

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