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I am honored to have an article in the Winter 2016 issue of Gift Shop Magazine, 
a resource for retailers that is published four times per year.
Every issue is packed full of ideas, inspiration, information and solutions
that help retailers of gift products build successful businesses.

My 5-page article beginning on Page 162
is filled with suggestions, images, and tips
for how to evoke the feel of California, the Golden State,
in your own store's displays.
You'll find a focus on capturing the beauty of the regional differences 
of this vast stretch of land along the Pacific,
along with a glimpse at how to build displays with Hollywood glamour and Disney Magic!
( c'mon, this is ME.... there's gonna' be Disney Magic somewhere in there! )
Bringing the environment surrounding your store inside
 is an effective display practice no matter where you are located,
but is especially successful if you are in a tourist destination.
You'll find this article helpful even if you aren't located in California...
From sea to shining sea, the same principles apply!

No matter what the landscape is like outside your doors,
you'll find inspiration in my article that will help you 
take your customers on an adventure when they walk inside your store!

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With this issue, there's a fresh new style & focus -
"Beginning with a new logo and an updated mission,
this issue of Gift Shop Magazine has been completely revamped...
this redesign was a great way for us to re-examine our purpose,"
says GSM editor in chief Julie McCallum on her editor's page.
"As we welcome another year, we're excited to present our new look to you."

Julie asked me to provide content on a very specific subject:
'California Style Displays'.
Since I'm a native Cali girl who has lived in almost every region of our state,
it wasn't hard for me to see inspiration everywhere!
I offer my thanks to Julie for providing this opportunity to contribute,
 along with so many other talented retail experts.
I am looking forward to more collaborations in the future*!

* happening! I'm working on content for the Spring Issue right now!

Online Content from Gift Shop Magazine:

PS: Julie ALSO said "Just like we've done with Gift Shop Magazine, 
a makeover or redesign is a great way to update and re-examine your business..."
...and I couldn't agree more!
It's the perfect time of year to make changes in your store

See how I can help you refresh your store environment & displays here

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