A Jewel Box of a Store!

 San Francisco jewelry retailer BLISS a la' Mode has figured out
how to present tiny jewelry items with Blis-full Brand Visual Impact!

I discovered this jewel-box of a shop as I was strolling down Pier 39
while in the City for Christmas... and have been holding the photos for a post ever since,
because I think this color palette and ideas are inspiring for Springtime.

The color of the shop exterior grabbed me first
When I walked inside, I was captivated by the continued use of their signature hue - aqua -
and of course the sparkling chandeliers overhead:
I also love the way they have used many different white and aqua furniture pieces as fixtures:
 They bring interest and detail to a space that is anything but
the generic jewelry store model seen so often in malls.
There are layers of interest and style that speak to the way jewelry is layered into an outfit...
Speaking the language that your customers speak is just SMART design.
keep reading for more insight into successful presentation....

... then I looked closer at each display:
They've turned simple everyday items like picture frames and mirrors
into display fixture WORKHORSES
that shine the spotlight right onto the jewelry and make it stand out.

Not an easy thing to do with tiny jewelry!

(remember the tips I gave you about displaying jewelry at gift shows???)

This attention to detail that makes their merchandise the star is exceptional.
And may I add that this is clearly NOT a big budget visual plan?
These are garage sale / thrift shop / Craisglist finds,
lovingly refreshed and brought into the Bliss Brand Spotlight.

I am SO impressed with this shop... and it takes a LOT to impress me!

Just one more detail:
Even the Christmas tree in the shop was decked out in their brand colors!
I'd bet that in Spring, Summer, and Fall, they do the same thing.
This is just one more way to inspire and thrill your customers.

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Learn more:
Bliss a la Mode website
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