Deb Does Disney!

The best 'job' I have ever had
was being on the retail visual team with the Walt Disney Company,
creating visuals in the stores in the Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort.*
In the fall of 2014, we undertook a project to 'FLIP' a store:
We turned the existing 'Studio Disney 365' 'teen scene' store into the new 'Anna & Elsa Boutique'.

With a change of paint, wallpaper, graphics, logo, and re-defining the product line, 
the store was re-branded and re-decorated in the space of just over a month. 
The fixtures remained the same, even in nearly the same placement... 
it was the overall environment that was changed into something new - using simple means.

Even Disney, with their big plans and huge budgets,
doesn't always spend a lot to get a big result...

Take a look at the process in my newest slideshow,
and I'm sure you'll find ideas to help you give YOUR store a fresh look!

I've recently added two new albums to my portfolio,
featuring some of the visuals that I created for the Walt Disney Company:
click titles to view slideshows

* I left my position with the company when my Dad was battling cancer,
in order to be available to help my parents with their business and his care.
Someday, I just might head back to the House of Mouse...
but I'll
always be a Disney Kid!

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