Slatwall Gets an Upgrade!

Walking through my local Whole Foods, I came upon a new(ish) display -
backed by faux white subway tile slatwall.
Not only is the main effect light, bright, and clean,
which serves to bounce light right onto the merchandise,
but the rails have been minimized by this design and virtually disappear.

Why is that important?
because it makes your merchandise the STAR: eyes go to product, not fixture.

(well, except in MY case, where the first thing I notice in any store is the fixturing!)
Honestly, I despise the old slatwall systems...
the very nearly unpaintable-formica-bonded-to-particle-board slats, 
the scratchy metal grooves that refuse to let brackets slide,
the rigid linear appearance (that screams 1980's to me).

Retail fixturing companies now offer this ubiquitous retail background in more finishes than you can imagine:

Along with urban subway tile, 
you can also find slatwall panels with artistic stylized textures like
barnwood, corrugated metal,  brushed aluminum, mirrored panel, 
brick, slate, diamond plate metal, tire tread, and more!

No matter what your store style statement is, you'll be able to find slatwall
in a pattern/texture/colorway that coordinates and looks like part of the design
instead of leftovers from the last tenant in the building......

It's spring, and a great time to freshen up your store with a new look!
Searching for new retail slatwall and fixtures? Check Here:

AAA Displays
Stamps Store Fixtures
 Allen Display 
(non-compensated recommendation -  happy to share the good stuff)

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  1. I received this very kind email from Mark Councilor at AAADisplays:

    Thank you so much for your recognition and attention
    to how Textured Slatwall offers so many new options for
    store owners to display their products in new ways. Your
    most recent article "Slatwall Gets and Upgrade", is a perfect
    example. Thank you also for linking to us. We appreciate
    it very much.

    We wanted you to know that there are more options with these
    new types of slatwall also. We offer all of these dramatic finishes
    in freestanding floor fixtures and as wall panels without grooves
    for accent purposes:

    Additionally, we offer Pipe Line Accessories that compliment
    the finishes and add a distinctive style:


    To help customers get to know these finishes, AAA does offer to send a sample kit, giving an even deeper understanding of just
    how exciting these finishes are.

    I appreciate this response from Mark, and AAA Displays... it is always my pleasure to share useful information and resources with my readers and clients! I appreciate this company and the quality products that they offer the retail industry.