Published: Gift Shop Magazine Spring 2016

The new Spring issue of Gift Shop Magazine arrived in my mailbox today, 
with my most recent article running on pages 120 - 124.
The subject this time is the efficient and effective use of space in a small store...
something I hear about ALL the time when I speak at trade shows and conferences.

It's a great read, with some inspiring images, 
and I hope you will visit the Gift Shop Magazine website + social media pages 
to see more of the content I provided for this issue!

In the article, I present my Top 5 Tips for Small Store Success:
* Utilize the principle of zone design for overall layout
* Learn how fixtures can help or hinder your capacity
* See how to use vertical space for displays + stock storage 
* Understand the effective use of color
*Find ideas for presenting merchandise in ways that maximize selection and sales.
Focusing on those five areas will get you on the path toward success...  
one step at a time! 

This issue of Gift Shop Magazine is available online in digital format!

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