Published: Gift Shop Magazine Spring 2016

The new Spring issue of Gift Shop Magazine arrived in my mailbox today, 
with my most recent article running on pages 120 - 124.
The subject this time is the efficient and effective use of space in a small store...
something I hear about ALL the time when I speak at trade shows and conferences.
The subject was inspired by a comment from a Gift Shop Magazine reader last winter,
who answered the question "What would you do with $10,000 for your store?" with this:

"We so need a makeover from a professional, 
and $10,000 would take care of any costs to make this project successful!"
Lynda Carson Sheuermann, owner of Nautica Design Gallery in Miami, Florida, 
has a 500-square foot store that, according to her, enough merchandise for DOUBLE that space. 
That presented some pretty serious challenges - and since all small storeowners have space challenges, 
I thought the subject was one of general interest and would reach a large number of interested readers.

It's a great read, with some inspiring images, 
and I hope you will visit the Gift Shop Magazine website + social media pages 
to see more of the content I provided for this issue!

In the article, I present my Top 5 Tips for Small Store Success:
* Utilize the principle of zone design for overall layout
* Learn how fixtures can help or hinder your capacity
* See how to use vertical space for displays + stock storage 
* Understand the effective use of color
*Find ideas for presenting merchandise in ways that maximize selection and sales.
Focusing on those five areas will get you on the path toward success...  
one step at a time! 

As I was writing this article, I was in contact with Lynda, and she sent me many images of her store.
I referred to them as I looked at her challenges, liabilities, and problems...
which helped me to focus on the starting points for her 'virtual makeover'.

I had an idea as I was writing, and ran it past Julie McCallum, editor of Gift Shop Magazine....
I want to cover my makeover ideas for Lynda's store here on my blog,
where I have the space to share more photos and a more in-depth view
of what I see there and how Lynda can address it.
Over the next few months, I will be writing here and sending her information
that will help her transform a store that is pretty overloaded and overwhelming
into a shopping environment & experience that she can be in control of -
and that her customers will LOVE visiting!
..and then it will get the spotlight in the pages of Gift Shop Magazine!

 My goal is to not only help Lynda solve her dilemmas, but to help everyone reading this
to see how you can utilize very last inch of space effectively in your stores.
Stay tuned.... there's MUCH MORE to come!

*sadly, I have had no response from Lynda to the information that I sent to her,

or my invitation to continue providing design assistance via my blog posts.
The previously planned content won't be developed. *

This issue of Gift Shop Magazine is available online in digital format!

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