Published: A Pro Tip from Deb!

I was contacted this week by Allan from Fit Small
an online resource for small businesses.
I'd never heard of them (Sorry!) but after he proposed a collaboration, 
I went to the site to check them out.

Seriously, they have an abundance of resources and materials
featuring educational information for the many varied facets of owning a small business!
I am very impressed - including with the comprehensive coverage of topics.
The articles & posts (this encompasses a website AND blog) are well-written
on a plethora of subjects that apply to many kinds of businesses - including retail.

...and there's SO much more...

Allan had come across my past blog posts on cash wraps (find them here and here)
and wanted to ask if I would consider adding the Fit Small Biz post about cash wraps to mine.
After reading their article, I was already leaning to 'YES!'...
Then Allan offered to insert content from me into one of their top-ranking articles!
Excellently written by Jason Rueger, their post is on the subject of store planning & design - 
and my recently published article in Gift Shop Magazine also focuses on retail space planning, 
so the concept of Zone Design was a perfect fit.
I pulled some information together, sent it off to Allan, 
and just a few hours later he emailed to tell me it's live. ALREADY!
I'm even MORE impressed now...

After reading his email, I went to their site to check out the article (and grab a few screen shots)...
They've chosen to add me in as a 'Pro Tip', with a link to my website.

I immediately clicked over here and added the Fit Small Business link 
to both of my own cash wrap blog posts, 
as well as their blog link in the 'Resources' sidebar section.
And I'm giving them a shout-out in a dedicated post because honestly,
anyone who can do business in a manner that is beneficial to both parties
and that benefits a LOT of readers deserves a spotlight.

I highly recommend them - so head over to Fit Small right now,
and plan to spend a couple of hours perusing their content.
Including the store planning post that features my Pro Tip!
You're going to learn a LOT!

Thank you again, Allan, for the opportunity to collaborate with you on this.
I look forward to working with you again!

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