Vintage Fall Display Inspiration

 In the past, I have had the honor of working with and for a very good friend, Rita Reade,
who is the proprietor of the creative vintage business Mammabellarte 
and co-founder, along with her sister-in-love, Christie Repasy, 
of The Vintage Marketplace vintage show.

For several shows, Rita hired me as her visual designer and stylist
to style all of her beautiful creations into an inspiring booth setting.

One fall, the show theme was 'Farmgirl Fancies'.
Rita and her son unloaded her trailer, and I took it from there to create a setting
that would embody that theme  - along with Rita's unmistakable business brand.

The Big Picture: 
Rustic elements and a focus on ivory, white, tan, and green set a Farmhouse mood.

Rita's signature pink is still in there, but it's taking a back seat in the color palette this time...
It's important to continue her brand palette at each show, 
so all of her colors always appear - but in varied quantities and prominence.
That enables us to shake things up visually and present a fresh look at every show.

Her business name - Mammabellarte - appears prominently from several vantage points.

The Details:

Decorative elements combine with props and products

to provide ample shopping space and decorating inspiration for customers.
When it comes to unusual products, you have to SHOW shoppers how to use them!

Visual merchandising sets a mood, tells a story, and transports the viewer into the past...

The prominent view inside the tent was a last-minute decision:
Those are vintage window screens that I turned into an 'awning' at the back of the booth! 
It was a spur-of-the-moment idea that became my favorite part - 
sometimes, inspiration strikes and the 'plan' gets revised!
It was the MOST popular visual in her booth.

One silver tray just dropped **perfectly** into the seatless iron chair
and created a riser in this display area!
It's all ready for the resin decoupage appliques that Rita makes.

There's some inspiration for your fall displays and windows!

.Visit the Vintage Marketplace website and facebook page
for information about the September 2016 show in Temecula, CA.

this content originally appeared on my DIY home decor blog

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