Sharyn's Artful Makeover

Over the summer I worked with professional artist Sharyn Sowell
to completely re-design her art studio.
It was a fun (and exhausting!) whirlwind week of work,
where I was able to teach Sharyn some tricks of space design
and organizational concepts that really freed up her space and time in the long run.

Our 'phase one' of the project set into motion a creative flood of ideas
and Sharyn continued refining the space more and more after I left.
She's happy with the changes and the way her creative space functions now,
and I'm thrilled that I was able to help her see the possibilities!

Sharyn is sharing the process and her own photos over on her studio blog:
artful makeover part 1 and artful makeover part 2

photos by Sharyn Sowell

from retail stores and show booths to art studios and classrooms! 

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