Winter Wonderland Display Inspiration

The Vintage Marketplace show in Temecula, CA this past weekend
was an inspiring gathering of vendors selling vintage, antique, and handcrafted goods.
The show is owned and produced by my friend, Rita Reade,
who founded it over 6 years ago with her sister in law, artist Christie Repasy.

When I'm lucky, I get to shop.
When I am REALLY lucky, I get to work with Rita to create visuals for the show!

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At past shows, I've designed and styled Rita's Mammabellarte booth displays
(and a few other vendors, too)
but THIS time, along with styling her booth displays, 
Rita asked me to style a display at the entry of the show
to welcome guests, share the show theme, and provide a photo op.

Photo ops like this serve to get images of her show out onto social media

from many different users, which increases her reach.
The hashtag helps tie the images to her brand, 

which also increases her visibility and recognition. 
That's Marketing 101, kids... and it works for your store, too!

We worked together and came up with a plan for a cozy scene that sparkles - 
and speaks more of the winter season than of holiday decor,
which is actually a pretty smart way to bridge seasons in display.
Rita's vintage props and my imagination (and our combined physical strength!) 
resulted in this pretty vignette...
a fresh, wintery white palette with fresh greens, crystals, glass, and silver shimmers,
and the black wall with white chalk snowflakes provided the perfect contrast.

The sofa allows guests to sit for a photo, 

and an empty picture frame, a large paper flower, and wrapped 'gifts'
serve as fun photo props.

But to be completely honest, things didn't go exactly as planned.
(because there's no display without drama, right??!!!

The black-with-white-snowflake wrapping paper covered boxes you see
weren't even in the plan. Nope!
I was almost done styling it all when I decided that I needed some gift boxes...
and then I remembered that in the back seat of my car were several rolls of paper,
meant to be used when I decorated my friend Sylvia's studio two days before.
I hadn't even thought of the paper as part of this display until that moment - 

it was total serendipity!
We rounded up some empty boxes, I wrapped them, and popped them into the display.
It was the finishing touch I wanted, and SO easy.
(display is dis PLAY, remember how I've said that to you for YEARS?! 

fast. cheap. easy. fun. it's work - but it can be fun, my friends!)

take a peek at some of the details in the vignette / display: 

We were both very happy with the results, and so were the hundreds of shoppers
who took photos and are now sharing them all over social media!

You'll notice that my DWK watermark is missing on these images...

I'm using my logo from my DIY home decor blog homewardFOUNDdecor instead, 
as the vintage industry recognizes me from that association ;)

The next Vintage Marketplace show will be held in March, 2017 in Rainbow, CA
(near Southern California's Temecula Wine Country) 
Please visit the show website and facebook page for more information! 


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