Magnolia Silos Retail, Part Deux

Okay, Y'all.... I promised you MORE photos from my recent visit
to the Magnolia Silos in Waco, Texas...... Here they are!
The 2-acre site was formerly an abandoned agricultural property,
then Joanna & Chip Gaines reclaimed, rehabbed, remodeled, revived, and re-branded it
into a retail village, right in the heart of downtown Waco, Texas.
They've made use of the existing structures and architecture in an appealing way...

The first thing you notice when you walk into the development is that it's BIG.
Not just the land... but everything ON it! BIG BIG BIG!

 As a matter of fact, it's so BIG that you need directions to find everything. 
There's a MAP for that!

Very smart, if you ask me.... you don't want to miss anything while here,
and the map (located in front of the main retail store from my last Magnolia post) makes sure that you don't.

Along with that main store, there are two other retail buildings on site
(with a third in progress - inside one of the silos!)
The Silos Bakery:

The patio area outside of the bakery is a very nice touch - and it was FULL!
I was unable to visit the inside of the bakery, 
because the line outside was two blocks long
and I wasn't going to ask my family members to wait two hours for me
to get a cupcake and snap some photos.
(but those musta' been some REALLY amazing cupcakes!)

Another building is the Garden Store:
 Signature decor touches and merchandising style reflect the aesthetic of the main store.
This area is much less busy than the main store, but has a nice selection of 
branded apparel and garden tools & accessories.
If you want to take home a Magnolia souvenir but hate waiting in long lines,
I recommend shopping in this location

Near the Garden Store, across the beds of flowers and vegetables, 
is the Garden Shed (not accessible to guests)
The garden area is decidedly less busy than the large (faux) lawn and picnic table areas,
so it's possible to sit in a willow tree chair and find a bit of silence amidst the crowds...
The facility functions as a community space, 
with room for lawn games, picnics, and stopping to smell the roses
along with - or instead of - shopping for retail treasures.
The only issue is limited parking.... on Friday & Saturday, it's gonna' be a hike.

There is ample space on the grounds for a weekly gathering of gourmet food trucks,
and the twice-yearly 'Silo-bration' event,
where the Gainses invite purveyors of handmade & vintage goods to sell to their customers.
Personally, I think that's smart - it's a way for the loyal Magnolia fans to
get their hands on authentic vintage goods along with the Silos experience - 
because the store's main offerings are 
brand new, mass-produced, home decor accessories, which are available on their website,
with a few handmade items sprinkled in.
All in all, I was very impressed with what the Gainses have created,
how it is true to their brand and style,
and how they have brought their tv show to life so that people can experience it in a new way.
They are 'Telling Their Own Story', so to speak... 
which is something I've been advocating in seminars, articles, and blog posts 
for over two decades now.
That's just smart business.

For more about Magnolia Marketplace, the Silos, and Fixer*Upper,
visit the Magnolia website.

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