As a retail store designer and visual stylist, I love great store design ideas.
And right now in retail, there's no one with more ideas coming to fruition
than Joanna Gaines, of HGTV's FIXER*UPPER show!

Her Magnolia Empire, built with hubby Chip Carter Gaines, 
includes the massive Magnolia Marketplace in Waco, Texas -
a block of renewed and revived buildings in the center of 'downtown'
(including two giant silos, which earned the development the nickname 'the Silos')

Last weekend, I made the pilgrimage to Waco on my own #MilesToMagnolia adventure
( approximately 1385.8 miles, btw!) 
and while there, I snapped a load of photos of the retail & public spaces at Magnolia Market.

There are a LOT of great ideas that are prefect examples of how retail space planning & design
and simple merchandising practices can elevate a shopping experience.
But it's not just shopping...
Fans of the HGTV show, subscribers to the magazine, antique hounds, and decor mavens
travel far and wide to see this place in person AND to catch a glimpse of Chip & JoJo,
bonafide celebs in a little town that they've helped to revive.
They may have a giant enterprise now, but the Gaines' are entrepreneurs
who have a heart for their small town... much like many of you reading this.
And since so many of my clients are small town biz owners, 
I know you'll find inspiration in what these two have created.

OK.... on to the photos!

I love the way Joanna designed her store around a neutral palette... white, black, and wood tones.
It sets the stage for merchandise of any color in any season to stand out - 
AND it makes those seasonal display changes much easier to accomplish.
Jo switches up the mix of light and dark to create visual impact throughout the space.

Learn more about Jo's design philosophy for her store in her own words,
here on her Magnolia Journal blog.

See how those pops of color bring the displays to life?
Many of the props you see here are made from paper - my favorite cheap material!
Using one material in many areas and in varied ways helps to unify the visual style of a store.
There is continuity of design throughout not only this space, which is the main retail store,
but the entire development.

Notice also that displays 'speak the brand' - reflect the singular aesthetic that Joanna curates
in her design work, product creation, and merchandise mix...

The entry display holds the current issue of Magnolia Journal Magazine - 
and the props perfectly reflect the cover image style and palette. 
THIS is brand image!

I was impressed with the space allowed for aisles and near the cashwrap & shipping counters.
Nothing will ruin a great store faster than narrow aisles that you can't get down.
Even packed with people, this space WORKS for traffic flow and access to the products...
because if your customers can't get close enough to the displays to grab something
and then get processed through checkout in a timely manner,
it doesn't matter HOW gorgeous your store looks.
Retailers entice, engage, entertain, inspire - but we must SELL!

Because I took SO many photos, I'm going to save some for another post....
where we'll look at the other buildings on the property and how they have been incorporated
into the story that is being told at Magnolia Marketplace...

Need help pulling together a visual design plan for your store space or show booth?
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