Web Store Visual Success

Visual Merchandising isn't just for brick & mortar stores.
Online customers are looking for experiences, too - 
from web stores, 
the kind of experiences that they can't get on Amazon or Facebook. 
This is where the science of visual merchandising comes in...

If you're an online retailer - or wholesaler - check out this recent post 
on the bigcommerce blog.

Writer Tracey Wallace presents their highly effective methods and practices
along with photo examples
(including VISUAL examples in a post about VISUAL merchandising! ;)
and I'm certain that you'll find useful tips that you can put into action immediately
on your own web store and social media accounts.

I can personally attest to the success of visuals on Harvey's website, shown in the images above.
Harvey bags are sold in the specialty stores that I merchandised at Disneyland, 
and their fans are literally fanatical about using their web store interface -
it's there that they find out about new product releases, prints, 
and special events like the ones we held at Disneyland...
and they turned out in droves for those events!

The visual brand image of the Harvey's website enhances the customer experience,
every bit as much as walking into a B&M boutique does.
It is immersive and experiential design, and it WORKS.

Images and Italicized verbiage used with permission from BigCommerce.com.
Thank you, Nigel, for the heads-up on your site's post on this subject!

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