Scrumptious Summertime Displays!

It's summertime, and it's HOT.
Especially in Las Vegas, where I happened upon this sweet shop inside a resort hotel...
the yumminess visible in the window displays and that ice cream cart at the entrance
had me salivating on first sight.

One look at the happy pastel color palette and focused lighting in these tasty window displays,
and I was heading in the door...
Once inside, and past the ice cream cart at the door,
there were more bright, happy displays on fixtures that really make the products the star.
The space was arranged so well, leaving plenty of room for shopping and lines.
And I am quite certain that there ARE lines here.... it's in a very busy area.
When you get up close to the displays, you see the perfect details of each little treat:
... and I love the way they use 'product appropriate' props, 
like dessert pedestals and cutting boards and cookie jars!

The signage  - at the entry door, on the cash wrap, and in displays - is crisp, clear, and cute:
So here's the kicker, friends.....
Yes, every last deliciously beautiful treat in these photos is SOAP.
They smell as good as they look, too!

Their 'About Us' website page perfectly describes them: (read it, it's AWESOME)

 Nectar Bath Treats strives to create extraordinary products and fun customer experiences.

We take great pleasure in seeing people’s face when seeing our soap

confections for the very first time. The childlike whimsy and surprise of

experiencing a slice of cake that looks and smells like the real thing, 

but is, in fact, a bath & body treat inspires and motivates us to create

exceptionally charming products.

Mission Accomplished!
From branding to visuals to appealing to a wide scope of shoppers in their location,
to providing an island in the center of the store with sinks - so you can TRY the soaps -
there isn't a single thing I'd change. Even the staff was sweet and bubbly - PERFECTION!
This is what you expect to see in a bake shop,
(and honestly if a bake shop looks like this, I applaud them!)
but to see it in a SOAP STORE is astounding. Brilliant concept, through and through.
This company took soap outta' the bathroom and put it in the kitchen 
to make potential customers stop in their tracks  -and to tell their story.

So what's YOUR product? 
How can you create a visual concept and apply it 
 so that your store or booth or website stands out from everyone else doing what you do?

Need help? Let's Talk Shop! email me 
on Amazon and on the Nectar website
(which looks as yummy as their stores, btw)

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