Fall Display Inspiration

Fall isn't here YET... but it's coming!
If you haven't begun planning and installing your fall merchandise & displays yet,
don't worry - just get to work NOW and get them up by August 1st,
 and you'll grab the segment of shoppers who are just gettin' in the mood!

It's always a good idea to get out of our day-to-day mindset and look ahead. 
Consider it the same thing as watching the weather segment on the news to see the extended forecast - 
we want to know what's coming up, how to plan, what to expect... 

In business, that can mean taking a singular message or concept, 
and creating a visual merchandising plan or an advertising or event plan 
that builds it from month to month or season to season. 
This basically tells your customers what to expect from you in the near future - 
and gives them something to look forward to. 

In retail psychology, it also creates a sense of urgency - a reason to buy NOW: 
'Get this season's products before they are gone, 
and be ready to get the next seasons's hot deals as soon as they release!'
I've rounded up some fall-specific posts from my archives to inspire you:

...just a few of the fall merchandise displays I've created over the years...
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