Going Above & Beyond 'Business'

I just can't stop thinking about this.
And though I had planned to write a post about a different subject this week,
this situation is one that bears sharing and honoring...

Honestly, folks, how many retailers do you know who would open up their stores / showrooms to refugees in their own hard-hit community? How many would allow hundreds of people who are soaking wet and likely covered with dirt and detritus from flood waters to walk on the carpeted floors, and sit and sleep on the brand-new furniture that's for sale? How many would also provide them with food and water?
There are many people reaching out to Texas right now, and it's heartwarming to see. 
But THIS... well... 
Mr. Jim McIngvale, owner of Gallery Furniture in Houston, Texas, gets a standing ovation from me, for showing the world why independent 'mom n pop' retailers aren't the 'dying breed' the media likes to make them out to be: By opening his two furniture stores as shelters for displaced residents impacted by Hurricane Harvey, he rises above not just the water, but also the clamor of noise about how business is all about sales technique and merchandising and marketing and gift shows. He's interested in bettering his community and the people in it, as are so many of you. BRAVO, sir!

People like Mr. Jim McIngvale aren't just serving their local communities with actions like this.... they are rebuilding my hope in humanity. God bless you, sir, and all who open their hearts and arms in times like these. I'm learning more from you about how to 'do' business than through any book I've read or course I've taken or podcast or seminar I've listened to, and from businesses I have worked with / for. People like Jim have a lot to teach us. 

See the whole story in this news video

Edited to Add:
I just learned of another Houston-area retailer who is stepping up: 

Retail chain Academy Sports + Outdoors opened its Houston-area stores to rescuers in need of boats, life preservers and other supplies. They have now converted their corporate headquarters into temporary residences for hundreds of police and other emergency responders. As of this morning, they are hosting more than 400 rescue-team members at the corporate campus west of Houston.
 I offer a hearty round of applause and gratitude to this company and its dedicated staff!

See the whole story in
 the Wall Street Journal

I'm not going to endorse any one charity here, 
but I will encourage you to donate in some way to assistance for Texas. 
I'll be donating a portion of my fees as a stylist and photographer for The Vintage Marketplace show,
my project next week, to a charity that is offering assistance to Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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