The Diva Does Woodinville!

I'm just too darned busy to do a proper blog post right now, so this will have to do...
Here's a photo of 'the Diva' in action last Saturday at the Willows Lodge 'Girlfriends Weekend' event, and the three decor displays I created. It was a blast, the women who attended kept me busy for a loooooong time after my presentation, answering questions and helping them with their own decorating dilemmas. I PROMISE that next week, I'll show photos and share tips for all three themes.I have so many fun ideas and time-saving tips for you! ('But first', as they would say on tv - and I just HATE that phrase, sounds like something quite unpleasant!- I have to host a family dinner and then decorate for a few more clients!)
Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Maryann11:32 PM

    photos, tips, ideas!! can't wait! but first, have a happy and blessed thanksgiving! :)