No Mickey Mouse Operation Here.....

I just returned from California (to SNOW in Seattle!!!... but I digress.....) and a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth. Most people go there to enjoy the rides and take family photos. I go there to research and watch operations in their retail shops. (I know, I'm strange!) I learn so much from Disney everytime I am there, and I love sharing those insights with you.

Rather than repeat myself, go check my post about it on my new blog, 'Diva Deb's Design Details', on the Gift & Home Channel:

Shameless plug: GHC is having a contest. Start a blog in April, get a bunch of people to leave comments on it, and if you get the most comments before April 30, you win a prize. Okay, yeah, nice.
But in truth, I want GHC to have me film some podcasts for them this summer at the Farm Chicks show - all about visual merchandising & display. So if my GHC blog is getting comments, they'll be more likely to hire me. So, leave me a comment on my GHC blog! Thanks!

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  1. I was quite interested in reading your article - just came home 4 days ago from Disneyland myself! I love the whole idea of displaying merchandise to it's best, saleable advantage. It works on me - I can't leave Disneyland without souvenirs! I sell vintage and antiques in a small shop, I have only a shelf about 6 feet tall by 30 in. wide, and I frequently receive compliments on how nice my shelves look. But also, on how much I can manage to fit in there- since it's all about getting the most i can for my small amount of monthly rent for the space!
    I enjoy your blog very much.