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I've just recently become involved as part of a committee handling the planning of an event. This isn't my normal 'design' work, it's long-distance communication and research. As part of that, I am building a blog that will be used to inform attendees of event plans as they develop. I'm adding some links to that blog - providing contact options that readers can utilize to connect with one another, and also merchandise sales to help raise funds. So, I headed over to Cafe' Press - to do some research as I prepare to create custom graphics for the merchandise and set up a shop for the organization to sell it from.

What I found when I was reading through their 'new stores' info was THIS article. An amazing compilation of information on merchandise display, this page contains essential tips for anyone who is selling product online. The last tip on the page is a concise and clear explanation of what the phrase 'Above The Fold' is, and why it's SO important to any online content.

This is such helpful material that I wanted to pass the resource on to all of you. While some of the writing is definitely geared toward the setup of a Cafe Press shop, you don't need to be doing that to benefit from this advice - head over and check it out here.
logo courtesy of Cafe Press.com

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