Final Reveal: Columbia Winery Interior Concept Design

On Friday night, Columbia Winery will celebrate the 'official' re-opening of their visitor center and tasting facility following a major remodeling project. A media event and then public unveiling will reveal what nearly a year's worth of planning, designing, and then construction has created.

Last December, I completed an interior design concept plan for the existing facility, and handed it over to the powers that be for the next phase. I've shared bits and pieces of the design project here on the blog, and now you can see the results of hard work by a team of very talented people.
Today, I went in to get a look at the finished project. Absolutely stunning! There were changes from my original plan, which is of course to be expected when others take it over. They made sense and added to the overall success of the remodel (a swap in the position of two rooms, placing the bride's room nearer to the restrooms and putting the VIP Tasting Room on the exterior wall with an additional access door).

The change is remarkable! What you experience now at Columbia Winery is a welcoming sense of hospitality, education, entertainment, and experience.... and a marvelous sense of vista, revealed when the fireplace block in the center of the room was removed.

A really great job was done on this project by Wilcox Construction and everyone involved through the whole process. This new environment tells the Columbia Winery story, honors their history, builds their brand, and presents the very best image of the company and the product - and every last one of those were my goals for the design that I created & delivered to them.

A toast.... to Columbia Winery!

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