Folding Revolution!

If you are in retail, at SOME point, you've folded shirts. 
Probably a LOT of shirts.

GAP came up with 'the folding board' back in the 70's, 
to insure that their plethora of tees and sweatshirts would be uniformly folded in displays.
(yes, youngsters, GAP used to be a jeans and tee shirt store. Not a fashion boutique)
Disney uses folding boards for consistent stacks, as well.
They work - but they can be time-consuming.

And in retail, time is not on our side. Everything in a store gets messed up - constantly.

Now THIS GUY has created  
a method for folding shirts that takes less than two seconds.

Whaaaaaaaa? Keep Reading!!!

You read that right....

No boards or contraptions needed - Just your own two hands.

Watch the video and try it - it works! EVERY time!

And as you work your way through the size range, 
every shirt will fold with the front graphics placed
in EXACTLY the same spot on the fold - 
creating neat, crisp stacks.

sign me up!

(I'm definitely sharing this one with my cohorts at Disney)

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