artful makeover published!

a while back, I worked with professional artist Sharyn Sowell
to redesign and restyle her studio... an Artful Makeover.
we spent a week up in Washington state plotting, planning, 
dreaming, sketching, shopping, painting, arranging, and laughing...
and the result was a studio space that not only had more storage and more working space, 
but worked more efficiently for her 
AND was the inspiring nest she had always hoped for.

you can read all about our process and see photos in this Artful Makeover post.

Sharyn's studio and her art are featured in the new Winter issue of Where Women Create Magazine
and there's a nice little blurb in there about yours truly, too!

it's always fun to help another creative person create the space they dream of....

if your creativity is being overwhelmed by your workspace, 

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